The Voices – never give up.

  There will be the voices. Inevitably. They will be all around you telling you to give up, urging you to throw in the towel. They will chant and hiss and wail. They will try to break you. Some will even come from those closest to you, even family, even brothers and sisters, those wizened […]

The Blah feeling

O Blah feeling, all my life I’ve dreaded your arrival and here you are, this time to stay perhaps, as you settle down comfortably and slip into your slippers. Oh Blah feeling must you be so persistent in that quietly mouldy way, as you rule out the golden pleasures, the possibility of a soft embrace, […]

Report From Santorini

In Santorini I noticed that even rusty doors to abandoned houses with collapsing windows in the back streets of Oia have a certain glamour and appeal – how can that be? Maybe it’s just me in my addled eggs and noodle state of mind or a desperate wish to transmogrify all or see the world through salmon pink tinted glasses .