The Voices – never give up.


There will be the voices. Inevitably. They will be all around you telling you to give up, urging you to throw in the towel. They will chant and hiss and wail. They will try to break you. Some will even come from those closest to you, even family, even brothers and sisters, those wizened and shrivelled up by envy. There will be the agents’ rejections, saying that the narrative isn’t compelling, engaging enough. There will be the publishers coming on all smart and learned and omnisicient. Don’t listen to them. If you want to do it, do it, strive with all your heart, don’t be defeated by the broken shrill voices of negativity. Be bold. Be courageous, don’t give up, ever. Keep on singing as the fellow says. Lots of officials, experts clamouring together, generating a lot of noise, small sticky people. Disregard them. Keep staring at the sun (but be careful not to let it blind you). Keep dishing out the love, even if it’s rejected, spurned, distorted. Keep writing the words. The sacred ones. Keep giving the gift even if no one wants the fucking thing. One day they will. One day they will thank you for it.