I am constantly overwhelmed by the sheer force of sensory perception and by the details, clamour, richness, and terrors of this world. So my writing is probably a product of this dense way of filtering and processing reality. In addition, I have always been fixated on the notion of identity and what makes a self or an “I.” I want to uncover the self beyond the self, the I beyond the I. I am always watchful for the existence of a shadow self.

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Who Is
Baret Magarian

Baret Magarian is of Armenian extraction, from London, and lives in Florence. His creative writing career started at an early age when he found it convenient to make up school history essays rather than learn facts by rote; he is still quite lazy and creative. In London, he was a freelance journalist, published fiction in many magazines, wrote book reviews, features, and articles which have appeared in all the major British broadsheets.

Baret has interviewed such diverse figures as Peter Ustinov, the brilliant actor-director and raconteur, John Calder, iconoclastic publisher of eighteen Nobel prize winners, and Salman Rushdie, the celebrated novelist. He has worked as a lecturer, translator, fringe theatre director, actor and nude model. He is also a composer of piano music that is in the vein of Jarrett and Alkan and draws on the tonalities of Armenian music.


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